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From women for women – Thanks for 60 years of love

Nothing makes us more happy, fills us with more energy, or make us more grateful than to know that our products actually makes a difference in the lives of so many women.


There are few other garments where the fit, whether good or bad, makes such a huge difference as it does with a bra. It’s also one of the most difficult garments to achieve perfection with. At Miss Mary we’re dedicated to the craft of designing and creating high quality bras, investing months into each new model. Our customers are women who appreciate fit, quality and comfort. And much to our joy, quite a few of them are happy sharing their experiences. Nothing makes us more grateful than knowing what we do actually makes a difference in so many women’s lives.

It gives us great energy to keep on working on our craft, knowing that every extra hour we invest into our work is worth it.

Miss Mary products are from women for women. In the video above, we're sharing some of the nice feedback that have made us most happy lately. This is from all of us to all of you.

Thanks for 60 years of love. What makes a bra great for you? Let us know in the comment section below.

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