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The tricks that will help you find the perfect bra for a heavy bust!

Far from all bras give good support. The bigger the cup size and the heavier the bust, the more difficult it is to find the optimal bra. But there are tricks you can use. We go through what you need to think about when you buy a bra for a big, heavy bust.

‘A bra should feel comfortable whatever the size’

13 reasons to love a bodysuit

The body is a classic among undergarments and never seems to go out of fashion. In this week’s blog post we look more closely at all the advantages of wearing a bodysuit.


1. Most bodies have an inbuilt bra that gives support to the bust. The body itself ensures that the bra in turn stays in place and doesn’t glide up the back like a normal bra can when you bend down or move around too much. Some women have problems with the bottom edge of a normal bra folding up under the bust. This cannot happen when you wear a body.


How to create a bra wardrobe - the smart way

So, how many bras do you really need? Just as with your basic wardrobe, it’s a good idea to also give some extra thought to what is in your lingerie drawer. Just a few bra types will go a long way when building up and planning your bra wardrobe. Here are five different types of bras that we think should be represented in every woman’s wardrobe and that cover most needs and occasions.




A T-shirt bra is the perfect basic garment in your undergarment wardrobe and one of the most popular types of bra. But what really is a T-shirt bra? And is there any difference between a contour bra, a moulded bra and a T-shirt bra? We are going to clarify the terms.


When the lingerie nerds from Borås met the couture master

We wanted to create something new. So we invited a fashion designer known for his unique design language to interpret lingerie and put his personal touch to Miss Mary. It’s always a risk to do something different, especially when it comes to design partnerships, but we took the chance. This is the story of Visionary – when the undergarment nerds from Borås met the couture master Lars Wallin.