13 reasons to love a bodysuit

17 Jun 2019 8:24 AM
Annica Svensson

The body is a classic among undergarments and never seems to go out of fashion. In this week’s blog post we look more closely at all the advantages of wearing a bodysuit.

  1. Most bodies have an inbuilt bra that gives support to the bust. The body itself ensures that the bra in turn stays in place and doesn’t glide up the back like a normal bra can when you bend down or move around too much. Some women have problems with the bottom edge of a normal bra folding up under the bust. This cannot happen when you wear a body.

  1. A body protects against rubbing from hard or bulky trouser waistbands. When you sit down in a pair of jeans they can sometimes ‘dig’ into the stomach. A body smoothens and distributes the pressure. You also won’t get marks on the skin from tight elastic from, for example, tights.

  1. If you have problems with shoulder ache or difficulties with twisting movements, a bra can be difficult to put on. Then a body is easier as you can step right into it like a swimming costume or pull it over your head.

  1. You don’t have problems with panties that roll down, as a body is panties and bra in one and the same garment.

  1. If you’ve ever had backache and felt a little unstable, a supporting body with reinforcement can provide a more secure and steadier feel. This makes you relax a bit more.

Fantastic Flair non-wired body is incredibly beautiful to wear under a jacket on an evening out.

  1. Many bodies are really beautiful to wear on their own, for example under a jacket when you want to feel a little extra dressy but don’t want to compromise on comfort. You don’t have to keep fiddling with the top to make sure it’s nicely tucked in.

  1. After giving birth, it can feel extra comforting with a reinforced body that provides support for unstable muscles and abdominal separation. The same thing happens if you’ve had a prolapse., when it feels comforting and nice to have a garment that applies some ‘abdominal pressure’.

  1. You feel more dressed with a body than a bra and panty combination, a bit like the choice between a bikini and a swimming costume at the pool/beach. If you’re shy it can be nice to wear a body, for example on a visit to the doctor or on occasions when you want to feel a little more dressed when showing your undergarments.

Rose body underwired body provides extra support and comfort throughout the day.

  1. You get more of a smoothing effect on the back compared with wearing a bra.

  1. Many women like to sleep in a body. It is cooler than pyjamas, doesn’t roll up like a nighty and feels dressier than sleeping naked or just in panties.

  1. If the body is made of a shiny material, the clothes automatically hang better. They don’t ‘get stuck’ but glide more easily on the body when it moves.

  1. You automatically stretch and get a better posture.

  1. Last but not least, when you dress in a body, you get a lovely ‘cosy’ feel. It is quite simply a very comfortable garment.

Lovely Lace Support wireless body is a comfortable cotton body with reinforcement.

There are many different types of bodies, with and without reinforcement. All Miss Mary’s bodies are comfortable with a carefully designed fit. Naturally, we put as much time into design, quality, pattern construction and size grading for a body as we do when we make a bra. If you haven’t tried wearing this type of garment, it’s never too late to start. It really is an underestimated classic. See our full range here.

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