5 ways to prevent bra straps from slipping

18 Oct 2019 7:01 AM
Annica Svensson

One of the most common bra problems for many women is how the shoulder straps insist on slipping down. So today we’ll provide tips on what you can do to ensure that they stay where they are meant to.

1. Adjust daily

Straps slippage can be such a frustration! Usually, it’s because they haven’t been shortened enough. You need to adjust them every morning when you put on the bra. Almost all styles have adjustable straps, however, sometimes the adjustment clip can wear out after the bra has been worn for a long time. If you adjust your straps daily and still notice that they insist on getting longer during the day, it may be a sign that your current bra has had its day and it’s time to invest in a new one.

2. Adjust at the front

If you need to adjust the straps during the day, the answer may be a bra with front adjustable straps. These styles have the adjustment clip on the front instead of on the shoulder – great if you find it difficult to reach it or to make twisting movements, or you simply want to avoid having to take the bra off during the day when you’re already dressed. See our bras with front adjustable straps.

The beautiful underwired bra Rose with shoulder straps that are adjustable at the front.

3. Avoid bra extenders

Another reason for slippage can be that the distance between the straps is too wide for your body. If you use a bra extender in the back fastening, the distance between the straps becomes wider as the back is extended. So, it’s best to avoid bra extenders if you have problems with straps that don’t stay up. It’s better to get a bra with bigger band size.

4. Bra with no-slip function

The distance varies between bra styles. On a balconette bra, the straps are usually extra wide apart. The styles we recommend instead are bras with no-slip straps. On this type of bra, the straps are placed narrowly on the back, ensuring no slippage.

The smart underwired Amsterdam bra with no-slip straps is one of our best-selling bras in all categories.

5. Multiway straps

If you have very narrow shoulders and even no-slip straps will slip, we highly recommend bras with multiway straps. There are many types on the market. Some can be detached from the fasteners on the back and turned into across-back. Others can be hooked into a racer-back style with the help of a small hook on the strap. See our bras with multiway straps here.

The underwired bra Confident has smart shoulder straps that can be connected at the back with a small hook that can be moved up and down along the shoulder strap.

If you’re unsure which bra or size is best suited for your needs, contact our Customer Service. We are here to help you find the right choice in what may sometimes feel like a bra jungle. No question or concern is too big or too small.

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