My breasts are different sizes – how do i find the right bra?

27 Sep 2019 6:06 AM
Annica Svensson

It is completely normal to have different size breasts. It is common to have a difference of at least one cup size between the left and right breasts. So, what should you consider when trying bras for size?

Just as with the two halves of your face, no breasts are completely symmetrical. The fact that they differ in shape or size is nothing to be ashamed of. It is completely normal. Consider your breasts as siblings: they share genes but don't necessarily look the same.

“Your breasts are like siblings: they share genes but don't necessarily look the same.”

Don’t become fixated on the measuring tape if there is a very big difference between your breasts. The measurement around the bust is only an indication as it is the average of the two breasts. Instead, try out bras as well as different models. A rule of thumb is to choose a cup that fits the larger breast as that will need the most support.

A padded cup provides support while hiding the asymmetry of the bust. The photo shows Winter Dew.

Fully padded/contour cup

If there is a big difference between your breasts, a bra with a padded cup is an excellent choice. The cup is shape-resistant, i.e. it retains the same shape whether you are wearing it or it is hanging in the wardrobe. You won’t be able to see that the smaller breast doesn’t fill the cup, and the bra gives the impression of the breasts being symmetrical. Perfect for women who don’t want the difference to show. The padding also prevents the cup from creasing.
To think about: A padded cup is always firm, so choose one that fits the bigger breast and doesn’t pinch the breast tissue.

Elastic cup

A bra with a firm under cup and elastic upper cup is another good solution for asymmetrical breasts. The firm under cup provides support and lift, while the elastic material in the upper cup is flexible and adapts to the bigger breast.
To think about: Don’t choose a cup that is so small that the bigger breast spills over the edge.

“A bra with a firm under cup and elastic upper cup provides support and flexibility in size.”

Elastic material in the cup adapts to the bust. The photo shows Lovely Lace.

Bra insert

If there is a very big size difference, there are inserts that can be placed in the bra cup to fill the empty space. This way, the bra also provides better support for the smaller breast. Some bra models have pockets in the cup with removable inserts in the form of small, flat fabric pads that can be removed from one of the cups.

Prosthetic bra

If there is a big difference in your breasts and you usually use an insert, it may be worth trying a prosthetic bra. A prosthetic bra looks like a normal bra but has a pocket on the inside of the cup and is designed to take the weight of the loose insert.

What to avoid

It is best to avoid wearing a bra with unpadded cups in a firm material. Firm material is inflexible and won’t adapt to the bust. Instead, it can form creases on the smaller breast. The creases are usually also clearly visible through clothes.

One thing to bear in mind is that not all rules of thumb work for all women as all bodies are different and unique. So, try out bras until you find a good solution that suits your particular needs.

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