Non wired bras

Let yourself be inspired by our wonderfully comfortable non wired bras. Here, you'll find everything from comfortable sleep bras to models that provide maximum support for both smaller and larger busts, all the way up to a J-cup.

The biggest advantage many women experience with non wired bras is without a doubt - the comfort. They are incredibly comfortable to wear even during long days. However, many women worry that a non wired bra may not provide good support, which is especially important for a larger bust. Although it's a challenge, Miss Mary have extensive experience with non-wired bras and have been working for many years to improve and perfect our models. For example, by adding side support and an extra wide back, we can increase the support and provide a good fit even with a non wired bra. If you want even more support, a good tip is to check the which material the bra is made of. A firm material provides more support in a bra than if it's made of stretchy material. Some of our models have the entire cup made of a sturdy material, while others have an undercup made of a firm material and the upper part made of stretch lace.

Find your favorite non wired bra here.